What Are The Benefits Of Using Grammarly For SEO?

How many of you have heard of Grammarly before? I am guessing that many of you have come across their ads online. These ads are bound to catch the eye of anyone who has had to draft a mail, a report, or even a presentation.

For those of you who have not seen their ads here is a small clip…

For starters, this app is not just a grammar and spell checker, it does so much more! I can confidently say this as I have been using Grammarly for a couple of years now.

When using Grammarly you know that someone has got your back. This is not an app just meant for non-native writers it is for everyone. 

As we are not always at our best when writing, even a small level of support can go a long way in creating ideal content that is free from any kind of typos or wordiness.

As I keep typing this post I can see Grammarly making great suggestions to keep my standards high!

I am an SEO and a Digital Marketing professional and a significant part of my job requires me to go through content or drafts. Most of the time I have to review what others have written but then there are times when I have to write the copy myself. In both these cases, I have had some great help from Grammarly.

Is Grammarly an SEO tool?

If you are wondering if spelling and grammar will affect SEO then the answer is both yes and no. 

No, because it is not a direct ranking factor as far as SEO is concerned. 

Yes, because it has indirect effects. For a detailed explanation, you may check out a post that I have hyperlinked in the first line of this answer.

How does Grammarly affect SEO?

Positively for sure…

But I know that you guys are not satisfied with that answer. So here is a more elaborate explanation. There are 7 ways how Grammarly can positively affect SEO:

  • Improves User Experience

Imagine seeing content on a website with a ton of mistakes. What impressions are you going to have about the owner of that copy? It sets off a very bad taste in the mouth, doesn’t it?

That’s because you have this feeling that they are not credible even if the service that they provide is excellent. It has a lot to do with psychology. We assume that everything is going to be just like their copy. 

This assumption is common for most site visitors. So, in essence, typos will ruin the user experience which eventually results in other SEO metrics going sideways as well. In short, your PageRank could drop because of this.

Grammarly can help improve your credibility and as a result user experience thereby indirectly raising your SEO scores.

  • Increases CTR (Click Through Rate): 

If your content is typo-free and well structured it is going to stick out among your audience. This will build loyalty and brand recall over time.

Imagine what impact this could have the next time these visitors spot your post on Google search. They are more likely to click on it! 

This increases your CTR (Click Through Rate) and many other SEO metrics start showing positive signs. 

  • More time, more SEO Optimised Content! 

From personal experience, Grammarly saves you a ton of time. Since suggestions pop up as soon as we start writing we have a chance to rephrase our sentences better.

Grammarly is also capable of suggesting a better phrase especially when it gets too wordy. The amount of time that you save is enough to create another fresh post. More quality posts published are great for SEO.

  • It Saves You Money For SEO tools! 

Since your productivity goes up you can churn out a lot more posts. This means you can get away with hiring an editor. This saves you a ton of money that you can invest in high-quality SEO tools like SEMRUSH which helps you do better SEO.

  • Earns You Money for SEO tools! 

Since you are publishing more, your site’s monetization is going to earn you more. More content means more pageviews which means more ad revenue and hence more amazon affiliate commissions especially if you are running a niche site that’s monetized for amazon. 

  • More Chances For External Links!

Who does not like Typo-free high-quality content? Great content is way better at getting external links. Remember external links to your website has a very strong impact on PageRank and other SEO parameters. If your content is of high quality naturally people would want to link more to your posts and web pages.

  • Great Shareable Content That Can Go Viral!

Since Grammarly improves the quality of content on your website, posts now become a lot more appealing and could get shared across platforms more easily.

Your audience is going to take your posts palaces. This helps build your brand image. Plus Google will take note of these vital signals given off by your posts… which is awesome by the way!

How Grammarly benefits SEO for websites

If you are an SEO professional who has to do some writing yourself then Grammarly can be a great value addition to your toolbox. That being said Grammarly is going to be helpful in just about everything that you write whether it’s sending instant messages or writing a mail to your boss or putting together a presentation, the app is going to do wonders for you.

Grammarly does not have a direct impact on SEO but adds a lot of value in terms of SEO from the user experience point of view. User experience is significant to Google; hence, it has a substantial effect on rankings.

Grammarly is one of the most accurate online language correction tools in the market. The tool is very accurate in making Grammar and spelling corrections. The tool is also great at spotting and correcting writing styles, passive voice, diction, and comma locations among other things.